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Rainy Days Causes Rise in Rat Infestations

rainy-dayRainy days can be therapeutic. Rainy days can be soothing and settling. But unfortunately, when more rain is on the way, so could be unwanted visitors as well.

Roof rats climb up on the trees onto the roof, and they go down the pipe vents if there are any openings on the roof. Rats will go through any opening they can find.

We are right in the heart of the issue, as the rodent problem tends to spike between the months of October and March, especially when it rains. The rain basically floods them out of their habitats. Naturally, they are looking for shelter. The colder the weather gets, the more rain. With the increased rain, the pests come inside homes. They’re looking for a warm place to nest, and who wouldn’t?

Rats are also known to chew through walls and pipes. They always have their incisor teeth growing, so with that, they’re always looking to chew on and through things.

The best thing you can do to combat the issue is to exclude what the rats can find. Go around your home, around the foundation and look for quarter-sized holes. Cover those up with a metal mesh. This will keep them from ever getting back into that opening.

Also do not leave cat food, dog food or bird feeders out because they also attract rats.

Roof rats are already a problem in Florida. The rains don’t help. But we know that. If you think you have an issue with these critters, please contact PestDepot.com. The site where you need to go if you are dealing with rodents, termites, or any bugs or insects for that matter.  Yes, this includes snakes as well. We do full home check-ups not only for bugs & insects but for rodents as well. A highly rated Florida company is waiting for your call now so we can get out there and make your home nuisance free.

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