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Get Ready For the 2020 Python Bowl

florida-pythonsYou heard it, right folks. Not only do we have a Super Bowl, but now we will have the Python Bowl. And it is right here in Florida where pythons have become a serious problem.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has met with members of state agencies to announce a python hunting competition in southern Florida coinciding with the 11th Super Bowl that will be held in Miami.


What are the Details

The governor announced the 2020 Python Bowl at Everglades National Park alongside Eric Sutton of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and members of the South Florida Water Management District’s board. The competition begins January 10th and will run through January 19th.


“These pythons can grow up to 20 feet and 200 pounds, and the problem is they’re not native and decimate the natural food chain and wreak havoc on native species,” DeSantis said. “If we don’t take action to remove them … the rest of the Everglades is harmed.”

The governor also announced that he has worked with the Trump administration to open federally controlled lands for python hunters. The Big Cypress National Preserve’s secondary trails will be open to hunters from the FWC and the district. The two agencies are working closely together to try and eradicate the invasive Burmese pythons.

Donna Kalil, a full-time python hunter says she is planning on participating in the python bowl. Kalil has pulled more than 270 invasive pythons from the southern Florida wilderness. Kalil is an expert at spotting pythons, and she said she’ll be out chatting with the other competitors and giving advice to those new to the endeavor.

Miami’s Mayor Carlos Gimenez said he is grateful for the governor’s record on environmental issues and is happy the committee has taken on the challenge.

“I represent 2.8 million people, 1 million alligators, but also a whole bunch of pythons,” Gimenez said. “This species is making its way east and, we’ve seen pythons get into inhabited areas, which we don’t want.”


How Will the Competition Work

The competition will be broken into two teams: the pros and the rookies. The competition will revolve around the longest python, the heaviest python and the most pythons pulled in the 10-day period.

Those participating in the event will have to do an online training set up specifically for the competition. There will be the required online training as well as in-person training sessions offered from December through the beginning of the event.

The 2020 Python Bowl is sponsored by Bass Pro Shops, and the company is offering cash prizes as well as a TRACKER 570 All-Terrain Vehicle. Winners will be announced on January 25th, 2020.

A kick-off party is organized for the first day beginning at 10 a.m. at Markham Park in Sunrise.

Interested pros and rookies can register for the competition and find more details at https://flpythonchallenge.org/.

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