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“Python Hunter” Ad Nets More Than 2,000 applicants worldwide

burmese-pythonPestDepot.com deals with lots of different types of pests and nuisance animals. One that is becoming more and more of a problem is the Burmese python. People have discarded these “pet” snakes and they have thrived our of control in the wild. Thus the call for the state of Florida to take action.

A job advertisement for a python hunter has attracted the attention of 2,600 people who have applied to become a python removal agent with the South Florida Water Management District.

The ‘python elimination program’ is an effort by officials to respond to the state’s ever-growing Burmese python population.

They Even Heard About the Job in Iran

It even caught the attention of Mohammad Asghari, an Iranian man who used to catch snakes and play with them as a child.

Asghari spent his childhood catching snakes in the mountains of Tehran where he grew up. He even stored the venomous snakes in a plastic box to play with them.

Asghari is an electrical engineer in Iran and describes snakes as “the most beautiful animal.”

He is the owner of over 70 snakes, which include Boa constrictors and Burmese pythons any many more which were purchased by him illegally through the black market.

Asghari claims he would be an “excellent” python removal agent because he is very familiar with the animals. “They can’t hurt me at all. I fully understand their behavior.”

Despite the risks and dangers involved, the job pays only $15 an hour with a one-year contract and no healthcare benefits.

The python removal program has a budget of $1 million and officials are planning to double the number of python hunters they have from 25 to 50.

Rory Feeney, land resources bureau chief for the South Florida Water Management District, claims the job comes with “the excitement of finding pythons.”

All applicants had to be over the age of 18, sign a liability waiver, and never have been convicted of a felony.

Asghari said he would move his wife and two daughters from Iran to the United States if he gets the job. He said, “My dream is to grow snakes and work with snakes.”


This Program is Important

The python elimination program began in March 2017 and requires “public-spirited individuals to humanely euthanize these destructive snakes”, which have become an apex predator in the Everglades, according to officials.

The program provides access to python removal agents on designated SFWMD lands in Miami-Dade, Broward, Collier, Hendry and Palm Beach counties.

On its website, the program states that giant constrictors pose direct threats to humans and native wildlife.

Pythons cause significant impacts to native prey, such as marsh rabbits, deer, wading birds, and even alligators.

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